Anne, Kate's mom:

"Susan has a unique ability to connect with each of her students. Her patient, kind, and compassionate demeanor instantly builds a meaningful rapport with the children. Classes are structured but always incorporate an element of fun while teaching the techniques of yoga. Susan's yoga classes are something my 8-yr.-old looks forward to participating in, especially the after school program held at her elementary school!"

Renee Borst Goldman:
"Susan is an amazing instructor. My son was diagnosed with some developmental issues and she is very patient with him. She understands him and knows what his challenges are. I highly recommend Susan's Yoga class. She is the best! Thank you Susan for always going above and beyond to help my son!"

Julie Ubinas:
"Miss Susan is an amazing instructor. She worked with my 7 year old son and made sure he was comfortable and built his confidence. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in taking a Yoga class!"

Chris Bobinski:

"wonderful class, susan is the best. my 3 year old Amelia loves yoga and susan makes it a lot of fun. I recommend this class to parents who have an hour of free time. your kids will have a blast.come on new Windsor, cornwall, cornwall on the Hudson, newburgh, Washingtonville and other surrounding towns to get involved..its great"

Jennifer, Marta's mom:
"What a great introduction to yoga and meditation! Marta looks forward to each session with such enthusiasm. Susan's patience and gentle manner helps guide any child through the class successfully and happy!"

Monique Schielke Valenzano:
"Ava loved your class this morning Susan! See you next week."

Berna Ivette Melendez-Guzman:
"The best childrens yoga instructor you can ask for!!! Beautiful person!!!!!!!"

Edward Corless:
"Susan...Kids Yoga is awsome!!"

Eileen, Sebastian's mom:
"We love yoga.  It is an amazing experience for my 4 year old son.  He enjoys it and gets so much from it. Including calming. You know your child loves something if they, are at the playground and says can we go to yoga now ?
Susan is kind, patient and giving."

Leslie Bazile:
"Susan is an amazing yoga instructor and my daughter has been practicing with her for a couple of years now. Susan's program is about much more than yoga. It is about self confidence, self esteem, meditation and one of my favorites conflict resolution, whether regarding internal or external problems. She has taught my daughter as we as the other children in her classes that when confronted with issues and/or fear, to first take several deep calming breaths, then think things through and finally act accordingly. She also incorporates teachings other values regarding everyday life and other events that take place throughout the year such as Earth Day! My daughter loves Susan as do my husband and I.  We have referred many other children to Susan's program because we truly believe she is thee BEST in the Hudson Valley."  

Loretta Sears:
"My daughter,Maureen is six years old and has taken Susan's yoga class for two years. She absolutley loves Ms. Susan and the lessons she learns during classes.
She practices her poses and shows her Grama and friends the poses and passes on the lessons she learns. We are very blessed to have found such a special friend and teacher."

Sandy, Carson's mom:
"Rae of Light Yoga depicts it's name. My daughter loves her Yoga practice.
She learns yoga movements and learns how to quiet her mind.
Miss Susan brings fun and knowledge to every child who attends."

"Susan at Rae of light yoga is wonderful.  Words cannot give her enough credit.  She is blessed with the gift of showing children other forms of exercise through yoga.  She is a pleasure to be around and truly has a zest for life.  Her passion of teaching shows.  Susan is patient with the children and makes exercise a joy.  Anyone that can attend a class or send their child definitely should at Rae of light yoga."