Susan Walsh-Aulogia

Susan is the owner & children's yoga instructor at rae of light yoga studio. susan is a certified children's yoga instructor and truly loves what she does. in addition to running the studio & teaching our school age students, she also teaches our chair yoga class. "miss susan" as she is lovingly called by her students, is well known for her friendly and warm personality, her teaching style is just as authentic. susan effortlessly keeps children engaged and makes practicing yoga fun for them. while teaching yoga fundamentals, susan is also always planting seeds to help students navigate through stressful lives. susan's chair yoga classes are for adults of all ages and abilities. susan encourages her students to do their best & always listen to what their body is telling them!


Jessica Bugbee porro

Jessica began her yogic journey through meditation and asana in late 2016. She embarked on a total body, mind and spiritual reconnection with herself and nature to let go of patterns that were no longer serving her. Through yoga, Jessica has been able to lead from the heart again, trust her intuition and better serve herself and her community. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through nOMad, always at OM in 2018. Jessica focuses her energy in providing space for the healing powers of yoga to flow through the individual’s body and mind, so that they, too, can learn, grow and lead a more awakenED life. Jessica is a certified holistic health coach directing attention towards empowering the individual through the lens of bio-individuality to become attuned with their true, higher self. As a Veteran Army combat medic & a volunteer firefighter, You can expect a thoughtful, postural alignment-based asana with dharma and bits of fun threaded throughout her class.


Nicole Percuoco

nicole is a longtime practitioner, and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor, teaching since 2013. nicole was initially drawn to yoga as a physical practice, but over time, her personal practice deepened & became a solace built into the day to day stresses of a hectic personal & professional life. she truly believes that yoga is for everyone, once you find your path to the practice. she is passionate about helping you explore on your own journey. in class with nicole, you can expect a slow flow with lots of props and hands on assists. she offers a lot of attention to alignment and engaging fully in each pose. practicing with nicole, you will be safe, challenged, & refreshed. 


dennis rocks

dennis was first drawn to yoga to improve flexibility, balance, and his overall wellness to complement a recreational lifestyle. as he learned more he began to experience more awareness in his practice, and became more interested in linking the breath with movement. in his practice and in his classes, these are the areas he hopes to learn more and explore, and perhaps help others do the same. Dennis holds hatha style classes, typically they include a gradual progression and sometimes a vinyasa sequence if appropriate. dennis works to provide a safe environment where students can let go and are free to explore their own bodies.



While Amy took her first yoga class over in 2005, it wasn’t until the birth of her son in 2013 that she decided to fully commit to a daily asana and meditation practice. Amy loved crafting a practice that allowed her to explore her mind and body at her own pace and in her own space. Amy’s practice led to personal growth in mind, spirit, and body that she never imagined. In 2018 she completed her 200 YTT with nOMad Yoga in the Hudson Valley in a course specialized to the needs of active duty military and veterans (Amy is also a veteran of the U.S. Army). Through her practice and teaching, Amy hopes to lead creative vinyasa flows that integrate aspects of the various schools of yoga to allow students to find their own peace and strength at their own paces and in their own spaces. Additionally, with a background in running and leading strength and high-intensity interval training workouts, Amy is experienced in incorporating yoga into an athlete’s training or in using yoga as a recovery tool.


Lauren Racanelli

Lauren is a native to the hudson valley and has been practicing yoga for almost six years. lauren began attending yoga classes during an extremely difficult time in her life, after the loss of her father, who was her best friend, in hopes of feeling whole again. she fell in love with the practice and benefits of connecting with your body and breath. lauren quickly realized the benefits of not just the asana, but especially the sense of relaxation and peace that only yoga has allowed her body to settle into while on the mat and long after class ends. lauren received her 200 hour hatha vinyasa teacher certification in lake aernal, costa rica, under the guidance of the inspiring and beautiful, Lori Myles-carullo, and alongside her long time friend, kaylan, who also teaches at rae of light. you can expect a balance of sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease) in lauren's classes. lauren mixes up a fun playlist of music to help the class flow through more challenging postures, and weave in the breath & relaxation necessary to help the mind settle, & let life become a little bit sweeter. 


kaylan pietrogallo

Kaylan's love for yoga started when she took her first class in high school on nantucket island. years later, after attending a yoga retreat in costa rica, she made a promise to herself to follow her heart, deepen her practice, and return a year later to complete her 200 hour teacher training at mystic yoga academy. kaylan's intention is to teach a gentle practice, to create healing through physical, emotional, and spiritual awakening. she believes in the power of aromatherapy, and incorporates it into all of her classes. kaylan's classes will leave you refreshed & mindful. join kaylan & allow yourself to let go, breath by breath, creating space for your soul.


Taura Amaris Rutigliano

Taura has always been devoted to helping others physically and spiritually. While in college Taura Amaris was introduced to yoga and her world was changed. Becoming an avid yogi for the next ten years, it was not until after becoming a stay at home mom, Taura decided to take her pastime of yoga further. Attending a 9 month program at Jai Ma Yoga Center in New Paltz, New York, with Ami Jayaprada Hirschstein, Taura  received her 200 Hour CertIFICATION, registered with the Yoga Alliance. Substituting and branching out since the teacher immersion in September 2012, Taura is spreading the yoga wealth across the Hudson Valley.


Joyce guiliano

joyce was introduced to yoga two years ago, by our very own, susan. while working as a manager of a senior apartment complex, where susan's mother lives. she began taking classes regularly and immediately loved what it did for her mind & how it made her feel. joyce then wanted to take her practice further, enrolling in a 200 hour teacher training at alma yoga here in the hudson valley. joyce enjoys teaching all forms of yoga and loves getting to know her students & their individual needs of their practice.

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Rae of Light serves children, adolescents, and adults.

It is our mission to create a transformative yoga experience aimed at physical, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual growth. We place a high priority on providing an environment that supports an unlimited capacity for learning, and we seek qualified individuals who share our passion for improving the lives of those we serve. Generally, we accommodate no more than a dozen clients at a time to optimize individualized attention and provide a high staff-to-client ratio.

WE HIRE INSTRUCTORS ON A part-time BASIS with several yoga sessions per week. As the Yoga Instructor, you will be responsible to create a curriculum and lead groups through various levels and types of yoga practice.