this class is for children of varied abilities and needs. offering support for each child's unique physical, mental, and emotional development through engaging in yoga poses and games. we will practice breathing exercises tHAt help calm the body and mind, while promoting increased focus and concentration. classes encourage social interaction in a safe anD welcoming environment that meets children at their own unique levels. this class ends with relaxation time and is limited to six students per class.


For Walkers & Pre School Aged kids. perfect for your little one that is bursting with energy! We will practice some fun age appropriate yoga poses, play yoga games, sing songs, and educate our kids on the benefits of movement. “Miss Susan”incorporates learning in every class whether it be about our animals or the body, you can expect to learn in each class. Come join us for a class that will give your kids a wonderful foundation in learning to relax, destress, have better flexibility and better focus & concentration!


Baby and Me Yoga is fun yoga class that is perfect for those wanting to gain strength and muscle tone, while also sharing in a bonding experience with your child. We will warm up with some gentle yoga postures, including some poses while holding your baby, sing songs, practice some infant massages before settling in to a mom and baby relaxation. “Miss Susan” is experienced in working with both parents and children, and completely understands that it is natural for your baby to fuss or cry during class. feel free to take a break at any time to tend to your child’s needs. It is our intention for this class to provide a comfortable, supportive environment where moms can meet other moms while doing something healthy for themselves and their babies. No prior yoga experience is necessary to participate, although, new moms should receive permission from their care provider to begin this or any exercise postpartum.

mini yogis 60 MINUTES

this class is perfect for yogis ages three to nine. this class is taught in a fun and educational way. practicing yoga at this age will build self esteem, encourage positivity, and assist with focus & concentration. yoga helps with anxiety and depression and offers our kids a healthy awareness of their bodies. students will be instructed on how to keep a healthy body and mind.

tweens & teens 60 MINUTES

our adolescent friendly classes are specifically structured to meet the needs of this age group. this class is taught in more of an "adult like" experience, yet engages the students so they can have fun while understanding how yoga can help them navigate through stress and overly stimulated lives. we incorporate guided meditation and breathing techniques to help students relax and slow down. every child can benefit from this kid friendly class.


Family Yoga is a fun class and a great opportunity for your family to connect. In this upbeat class we will explore different yoga postures in an age-appropriate way. We will also explore some practical breathing techniques that both you and your child can use during stressful moments. We also incorporate games, music, books and at the end of each class we will offer a relaxation that will leave you feeling energetic, yet relaxed.


We are empowering kids to love and learn through yoga

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